Thundertree Crypt – Synopsis

Zerk “Blake” GrayTusk had been driven from clan Many Arrows in Neverwinter for defiling the Honored dead. Necromancy is frowned upon, even among the Orcs. He took up residence in the Crypt at Thundertree a ruin outside of Neverwinter Wood. It was here he set about making true the rumors of undead and providing himself a secure place to perform his rituals. A few small treasures we found throughout the crypt, with one being particularly interesting,  The Immovable Rod, once owned by Thundertree’s founder, and interred within.

That rod, as it turns out, is the same bauble the goblin chief Girp had made known would earn the healing apple, auctioned each summer solstice in Oakhurst. The apple, was desired by an noble in Neverwinter name Boris Istalvic. A man whose young daughter had a disease that proved resistant to typical healing magics.

Boris, being a shrewd man, hires 4 adventurers for the task of collecting the rod, and delivering it to Oakhurst before the solstice.  He chose first Solen, a ranger and reputedly a legend in the western Neverwinter Wood, well known to the people of Oakhurst, and a capable guide.  In addition, an upstart Gnomish wizard, named Brenn with a reputation for scrupulous research was hired to authenticate the find, and to gather the information promised by the Goblins, potentially providing the secret long sought regarding the magic fruit. The Dwarven war priest Flint Brugga was included to provide both combat and healing experience to the group, to help them if things got rough. Finally, the professional Spy Wren Talbot was tapped to help in a scrape, but also to overcome any obstacles such as traps and locks that might be put in the party’s way.

The four set forth to Thundertree and had no issues along the road from Neverwinter. The Ranger was a knowledgeable guide and avoided the potential dangers en-route ably. The crypt was in good condition, not further buried or significantly damaged by the eruption that ruined the rest of the town years earlier.

The first burial chamber held three animated Skeletons, with whom the heroes did battle. Although victorious, the party members knew this would be no cakewalk, as the Skeletons were very hardy foes indeed.

The second chamber was home to Zombies. The foes were even more dangerous than the Skeletons, and nearly defeated the four companions.

In addition, the second chamber appeared to be a dead end, with a sealed door the only way forward. It was here the decision to bring a spy became important,  finding a concealed passage beneath a pit trap, a mechanism was found to open the door.  Before opening the door however, the heroes took a short rest.

Moving forward, in the shrine of Lathander, the four were attacked by giant spiders, whose poison did nearly end the journey. Yet again, the heroes prevailed.

The final barrier was the Sorcerer Blake himself, with two skeletal minions. The strong Holy attack from Flint and magical missiles from Brenn made short work of these foes, and secured the rod, and the other minor treasures, 30 Magical Bolts, some potions, a scroll of feather fall, and a Wand of Secrets.

They camped above ground, and took a long rest in preparation of the next leg of their journey. Northward to Oakhurst.




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